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Calanda Begrüßt Glücklich Ihr Baby

Auf dem Bild sind zu sehen Calanda(Stute) und Calandina(Fohlen).

Das Bild wurde aufgenommen am 03.06.08, nach der Geburt des Fohlens auf der Wiese.

Ina Henning, 65468 Treburg

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  1. Kommentar by Maud on 23.4.2017 6:15

    SuzanaQue linda viagem, fez-me lembrar os passeios que há já alguns anos fiz pela região. Há tanta coisa bonita para ver. Gostava de voltar. Quem lê a sua crónica parece que está a fazer o passeio! Coauintnção de boas férias.

  2. Kommentar by can I lease a car while on RI family care on 1.5.2017 22:34

    I really really love this-I hope I win! Maybe I’ll get brave enough to try this-how much does it cost to make? I’m sure some of the materials spread to others, so the initial cost is probably the most, then its just per canvas?My rules I would add:“You choose the consequences when you choose the actions.”“My response is my responsibility.”And with my two boys we love the verse Proverbs 17:17: “A friend loves you all the time. A brother is always there to help you.” Emphasizing the boys to be brothers AND friends.

  3. Kommentar by american autos on 17.5.2017 16:43

    Ez egy nagyon jo recept. A piskota egyszeruen mennyei. Igaz nalunk nincs mezes fuszerkeverek igy magamnak kellett eloallitani azt. Viszont van vanilias habtejszinunk, igy a cukrokat ki is hagytam belole.Ez az elso receptem errol az oldalrol, de tovabbra is fogok itt nezelodni! Koszi:)

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rosetta stone 3 adobe software adobe cs4 master collection